Gingko Table

Gingko Table


A stylish and practical table for communal activities and everyday dining.
The Ginko Table’s square format and rounded corners make it easy to manoeuvre and join to other tables. It looks great in both communal areas or contemporary dining environments. This table sits comfortably 4 people, but can accommodate 8.

Tested and approved by people with dementia.
Designed and manufactured in Scotland UK.
Finished by hand

Tables with four legs can be a challenge to access, requiring the user to pull the chair out, sit on it and ‘hop’ back in, before getting comfortably close to the table. On the other hand, tables with a central leg are often ‘wobbly’ and leaning on the table to adjust position, or let someone else out could easily result in spilling everyone’s coffee.

The Gingko Table has a central leg to allow diners to swing in and out with ease, including wheelchair users. The steel construction of the central pillar and the solid steel base prevent the table from tilting, even when leaning on it to get up. The table top is scratch and moisture resistant for everyday use. The solid walnut edging, beautiful and unique to each table, provides a natural feel that will complement any interior.

Powder coated steel, moisture resistant MDF, scratch resistant melamine face, solid American walnut.


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