Gingko Mirror

Gingko Mirror


A mirror cabinet with sensor activated inset LED lights and de-mister. The mirror inside the cabinet is framed by solid American cherry and is revealed by opening the two curved doors. The cabinet is both understated and delightfully playful in its considered use of form and materials. It offers a pleasingly fresh and harmonious style to complement any bathroom.

Currently being tested and approved by people with dementia.
Designed and manufactured in Scotland UK.
Finished by hand

People living with dementia can be confused by mirrors and may fail to recognise themselves. The mirror might be perceived as a window, or the reflection could be seen as  someone unfamiliar, or an intruder.

By placing the mirror inside the bathroom cabinet, the mirror can be concealed if desired, and just partially revealed through the ginkgo leaf pattern, or fully opened gradually,  allowing time to adjust and process the reflection in the mirror.

Powder coated steel, solid American cherry, marine grade stainless steel, mirror.


Available soon.

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