Gingko Coat Hook

Gingko Coat Hook


The Gingko Coat Hook reminds you to pick up everything you need before you go out. A whiteboard with 4 extra strong magnets helps you keep all your important appointments and notes in a safe place. The shelf is a prominent and a safe place to put your keys, wallet and phone. The three marine grade stainless steel hooks, designed to withstand the wear and tear of nautical environments, can accommodate all you need to go out and about – coat, walking stick, hat and bag. Never forget anything again!

Currently being tested and approved by people with dementia.
Designed and manufactured in Scotland UK.
Finished by hand.

How often do we go out and only half way though our journey we realise we forgot our keys, or the shopping list, or our wallet?

By combining a whiteboard, a shelf and coat hook strategically near the front door, all the important items can be stored in one place and are less likely to be forgotten.

Powder coated steel, solid walnut, marine grade stainless steel, extra strong magnets.


Available soon.

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