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Included Design is headed by Tommy Petillo, a product and service designer who since 2009 has been working with Alzheimer Scotland developing Dementia Circle, the project that finds, tests and shares information about domestic products for people living with dementia. Tommy, originally from Italy, joined his love for furniture design with years of experience of working with people affected by dementia. Tommy’s colleagues say of him

“Tommy is our designer extraordinaire. Italian head, Scottish heart. He applies design thinking to every aspect of our work, from service innovation to new product design. Tommy has nurtured our Dementia Circle project from its initial conception and is our go-to person for user experience design.”

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Why are we different?

Integral part of Included’s design process is the co-designing and testing by a selected community, all living with dementia or with other physical or cognitive impairments.

User centred design underpins everything we do, from scoping the initial concept of a product to the very last stage of its development. This requires more time compared to conventional designing processes, but we are confident that the end product is reliable, beautiful and inclusive.

We have partnered with exceptionally skilled craftsmen and manufacturers whose wealth of knowledge spans for decades, allowing us to deliver outstanding products you’ll be proud to own.

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui 

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We work across the UK and Europe with different partners, including people in the care sector and the hospitality industry. We collaborate with interior designers and architects, who design, develop and refurbish accommodation which has to be suitable for different types of clients.

We also offer tailored, budget driven consultancy packages to help clients develop their own products or services. We’ll never do the hard sell, we are happy to listen to your requirements and pull together a tailored, no obligation offer.

If you would like to discuss your project or simply know more about our range, please get in touch.

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